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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gay ‘cure’ still sought by some therapists

This is a recent MSNBC article about the amount of UK doctors that still are looking for ways to "cure" homosexuality

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  1. I think it is ridiculous for people to want to cure homosexuality but I know it exists and that is happens all the time. My good friend is gay and I personally heard his mother say, "if I ever found out one of my kids was gay I would simply pray for them and hope to find a cure." I know that when Danny heard this it broke his heart and I wish that people could leave their preconceived notions behind and think about how it must be for homosexuals trying to be true to themselves and having to hear people tell them they need to be cured. I think so many people say things and do things without putting themselves in the other persons shoes. If anything I think there needs to be a cure for people who believe being homosexual is a disease or a medical disability.