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Gay Paris:
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Midterm Study Guide

1. Michel Foucault | Judith Butler
(From readings: Spargo, Butler, Tamagne)
  • Constructivism/essentialism
  • How do they view sexuality? 
  • Inception of homosexuality
  • Gender according to Butler
  • Discourses on homosexuality: early medical discourses, psychoanalysis, religious models (Tamagne – p. 209-226 specifically)
  • Identity categories/political organization
2. Why Paris? 
(From all the Weiss readings, Nightwood, We will also discuss this in Monday’s Review Session)
  • Financial incentives 
  • Existing communities
  • Modern city
  • Salons
  • History
  • Surrealist Theory of Inanimate Objects 
  • Your ideas/feelings 

3. Paris Was a Woman 
(Weiss readings)
  • Natalie Barney
  • Gertrude Stein
  • Sylvia Beach
  • Who were they? What did they do? Who were there lovers? Where in Paris? 
  • Modernism – their influential role

4. Rue de l’Odeon 
(Weiss pp. 26-58 and Hemingway excerpt read in class)
  • Who were the key players at Shakespeare & Co./time period?
  • Relationship between Adrienne Monnier/Sylvia Beach
  • Authors inspired/aided
  • What happened to Shakespeare & Co.?

5. Modernism 
(Nightwood, Handout, Class Discussions)
  • What are the main literary characteristics of modernism? 
  • Time period? 
  • Who? (from our class discussions and focus)

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