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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boy Meets Boy and Friendly Hostility

This is just something fun that I thought some of you might want to check out.

I've been following these two American web comics for the past three years. The author/artist, Sandra Fuhr, is pretty brilliant, and it's interesting to see how her views on all sexuality have evolved as both she and her characters mature. Sandra's around 4 years older than us, and from what she has shared with her fans she doesn't identify with any sexuality label (she had a boyfriend for a time period during the first comic and is now in a serious, and what appears to be a permanent, relationship with a woman). From my own personal analysis, it seems that she perceives sexuality as having a certain spectrum within different people, because some characters clearly identify as gay, straight, or bisexual while the others don't feel the need to label their sexual inclinations. It's actually really entertaining to follow and cool to see how she covers different topics that pertain to the GLBT community.

Here are the links to the first post of each comic series and a brief summary. She's also starting up a third comic in June, once Friendly Hostility, her current comic, finishes up.

Boy Meets Boy:

Boy Meets Boy is the story of two guys, Harley and Mikhael, who have been dating each other for two years. Harley is the guitarist and leader of a band he has with his best friends. Mikhael is a wealthy and well known artist in their fictional town. The comic revolves around their relationship, their friends, family, ex-lovers, and the occassional crazy adventure.

Friendly Hostility:

"Friendly Hostility is the story of two best friends who happen to be dating each other: Fox, a reporter, and Collin, a megalomaniacal would-be dictator and former kid's show host. They have friends, family, and occasional run-ins with the law, pirates, and other monsters. The comic is scheduled to end in June 2009."--From Sandra's web page

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