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Monday, February 9, 2009

Prostitution in France

From Article 225-5 of the Code Pénal (partie législative) - prostitution is indeed legal in France; however, any form of proxénétisme is not. (This means pimping or profiting from someone else's prostitution or helping someone to become a prostitute).


  1. i think that prostitution should be legal, as long as it is consensual. a man or woman has the right to do what they want, so why not? proxénétisme should not be legal, because sex is (should be) a personal decision.

  2. I agree that prostitution should be a matter of choice, however, allowing prostitution to be legal, without strictly enforcing and applying more laws, may be a health problem. In choice comes responsibility, and I have strong doubt in the responsibility of the human race as a whole. If prostitution is simply allowed to be legal without any further regulations then I would imagine that the increase in the spread of STDs would be an issue, as well as the murder and violence rate.