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Gay Paris:
Culture, Society, & Urban Sexual Identity

CEA GlobalCampus | Spring 2009
UNH Course Code: GEN230
Credits: 3 | Location: Paris, France

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Course Feedback

Your feedback focused around 4 main areas of the class:

1. EXCURSIONS. You requested:
  • more structure/guidance.
  • to meet directly at the excursion site for more time.
  • to rethink the group approach - sometimes groups turn into social hour or too much responsibility for just one member (and that perhaps individual activities might be a better approach).
  • more discussion about what you will see/do on the excursion before going.
  • that we think about how much class time is being taken away due to excursions.

2. COURSE CONTENT. You asked that we focus more on:
  • history of Paris/homosexuality.
  • being gay in the 1920's, the experience itself and that we focus on people's personal gay experiences.
  • modern day homosexuality.
  • gay men in Paris.
  • gay/lesbian issues - not just historical and factual information. 

3. READINGS. A few of you felt:
  • the readings are difficult and that you don't know when/what to read for each class period.
  • there are too many readings with Nightwood on top of everything else.

4. NIGHTWOOD. You wanted:
  • essay guidelines and parameters of the essay in advance.
  • a connection to be made between Nightwood and the course content. 
  • an in-depth explanation of the significance of Nightwood in relation to this course.

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