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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Gay Triangle in le Marais

On February 4, we will be going on a study excursion - an exploration of the Marais. Please bring your cameras and notebooks for the blog and the map.

"Within a triangle whose points are formed by the Centre Georges-Pompidou, the Saint-Paul metro, and the Picasso Museum, Parisian homosexual life begins anew every evening."

_Frédéric Martel
The Pink and the Black: Homosexuals in France since 1968

Musée Picasso: 5 rue du Thorigny

We will start at Au Coeur Couronné, on rue de la Ferronnerie. "This street is a promise: it announces the Marais and leads us into it."

Leaving Les Halles and taking rue de la Reynie, then rue Saint-Merri, we arrive at Beaubourg.

The main artery of the Marais is rue Saint-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie.

We will continue down rue Saint-Croix and at the intersection of rue Vieille-du-Temple is the bookstore Les Mots à la Bouche.

Not far, at 49 rue Blancs-Manteaux was the gay piano bar Le Piano Zinc, which opened in 1981.

Today, Le Gai Moulin, at 10 rue Saint-Merri, revives the spirit of the original, Le Piano Zinc.

The tour will culminate with the new LGBT Center, at 63, rue Beaubourg.

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